Service Architecture

A fundamental component of managing Services and more specifically Service Design, is the selection and maintenance of a suitable Service Architecture.

Choosing a suitable Service Architecture

This architecture is closely aligned to the Service Management System and will grow in sophistication as the Service Management System grows in sophistication too.

Your Service Architecture can also start "small" and grow in sophistication.

The architecture of Services is important because it has a profound impact not only on the quality of Services and the infrastructure required to manage and support them but also because the inter-dependencies between Services affect the entire structure of an organisation.

The structure of your Services can have a profound impact on your organisation.

Benefits of a Common Architectural Framework

The most important implication of this is that a common architectural framework is required to ensure that Services can be integrated easily. This common architectural framework has one more major benefit. It provides the basis for minimising the total cost and time required to manage and maintain these Services.