Essential Direction for
Business Services Templates

Senior management play a crucial role in directing and governing Business Services and their performance. This requires a consistent and common "Management Framework" for all Business Services in your organisation.

The Common Management Framework

Management Framework & Business Services

This framework ensures that each Business Service is managed as a capability within your organisation and that others who depend on this service capability are not let down in any way, especially customers.

It is an issue of fundamental importance in all organisations and goes to the heart of issues such as trust and confidence within the organisation. (It is also required to address the requirements of section 4 of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard).

Apart from being the most important determinant of how well Service Teams perform, If implemented well the Management Framework has one more valuable benefit; it reduces the amount of time senior management need to dedicate to managing a Business Service.

These processes are available only for Visio and Rational System Architect (at this stage) and are provided together with an appropriate training course.

Additional Information

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