ISO 20000 Bridge Encyclopaedia for IBM Rational System Architect

ISO 20000 for IBM Rational System Architect

The ITIL - ISO20000 Bridge Encyclopaedia provides all the requirements of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard in a set of diagrams that are easy to understand, use and maintain.

The diagrams are subsequently used to demonstrate where and how your organisation’s Service Management System complies with the ISO20000 requirements.



Contents of the ISO 20000 Bridge Encyclopaedia

In summary, you can enjoy the advantages of:

- A special set of diagrams that can be refined to show how your Service Management System meets the requirements of ISO20000 – and where it needs to be developed further.

ISO 20000 Templates

Please note that the Service Management (SM) Architecture Encyclopaedia is a pre-requisite product for using the ISO20000 Bridge Encyclopaedia.

The two encyclopaedias can be maintained separately but combine to create a single encyclopaedia of exceptional insight into the details of compliance with the ISO20000 standards, especially for your organisation’s management.

Of course, once deemed ready, this encyclopaedia can be made available to the ISO20000 auditors to help guide their own independent audit.


- Utilities to combine these diagrams with those in your Service Management Architecture to create a “Big Picture” of exceptional insight.

A Service Management utility and a number of configuration files are supplied with the ISO20000 Bridge Encyclopaedia to help ensure that the format of the diagrams is consistent and that they are easy to maintain. The following documentation is also supplied with the encyclopaedia:

- All the ISO/IEC 20000 standard’s documentation

[Note that the ISO20000 Bridge addresses the compliance of the SM Architecture with the requirements of ISO20000 which is used to adjust the SM infrastructure to ensure its compliance. The auditors will use the architecture but will focus their audit on the infrastructure.

However, there are some important principles here. If the architecture is compliant, then the errors must be in the implementation or use of the SM infrastructure. More importantly, if the architecture is compliant then it shows correct organisational intent and it also gives you the greatest insight into how to minimise your Total Cost of Compliance.

Furthermore, in any internal or external review or audit, the combined ISO20000 Bridge and SM Architecture Encyclopaedias can be used to show exactly where the SM infrastructure is not compliant using a Red-Amber-Green (traffic-light) colour-coding convention to highlight those components that do not meet the ISO20000 requirements].

Resulting in some powerful and important benefits.

Key Benefits of the ISO 20000 Bridge

Some of the key benefits of the ISO20000 Bridge include:

ISO 20000 Requirements

Additional Information

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